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Flora and Fauna

Kororoit Creek hosts a vast array of plant, animal and bird life. While much of the original vegetation has disappeared over the past few years, we are revegetating the area with native flora. We hope that this will lead to an increase in the existing wildlife and encourage the native fauna to proliferate.

Escarpment Vegetation

Vegetation on steep riverine slopes has survived only on narrow, rocky outcrops at the escarpment edge and slopes too steep to graze.

Most has been replaced by Lycium ferrocissimum (Boxthorn), and introduced grasses. Escarpment vegetation is remarkably homogenous. Acacia implexa, Bursia spinosa and hymenanthera dentata are found in most stands. Ferns are common amongst the rocks.

Species growing in the shallow soils of escarpment edges are well adapted to their habitat and require little management. Lycium ferrocissimum (Boxthorn) could be removed from river slopes and replaced with appropriate species.

The following indigenous species have been recorded although the list is undoubtedly incomplete as some vegetation types have not been thoroughly surveyed.

Gold-dust Wattle - Acacia acinacea
Lightwood - A. implexia
Black Wattle - A. mearsii
Wirilda - A. retinodes
Sheep's Burr - A. echinata
Common Maiden-hair - Adiantum aethiopicum
Necklace Fern - Asplenium flabellifolium
Berry Saltbush - A. semibaccata
Sweet Bursaria - Bursaria spinosa
White Cyprus Bush - Callitris columellaris
Drooping She-oak - Casuarina stricta
Rock Fern - Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia
Bristly Cloak-fern - C. distans
Small-leafed Clematis - Clematis microphylla
Rock Correa - Correa glabra
Sieber Crassula - Crassula sieberana
Bristly Wallaby-grass - Danthonia setacea
Wedge-leaf Hop-bush - Dodonia cuneata
Nodding Saltbush - Einadia nutans
Ruby Saltbush - Enchylaena tomentosa
Blue Box - Eucalyptus bauerana
River Red Gum - E. camaldulensis
Yellow Gum - E. leucoxylon

Cherry Ballart - Exocarpus cupressiformis
Crane's-bill - Geranium retrorsum
Variable Glycine - Glycine tabacina
Tree Violet - Hymenanthera dentata
Variable Sword-sedge - Lepidosperma
Spiny-headed Mat-rush - Lomandra longifolia
Moonah - Melaleuca lanceolata
Turkey-bush - Myoporum deserti
Common Boobialla - M. isulare
Sticky Boobialla - M. viscosum
Austral Tobacco - Nicotiana suaveolons
Austral Stork's-bill - Pelargonium australe
Sickle Fern - Pallaeca falcata
Curved Rice-flower - Pimelea curvillora
Smooth Rice-flower - P. glauca
Blanket Fern - Pleurosorus rutifolius
Tussock-grass - Poa labillardieri
Fragrant Salt-bush - Rhagodia parabolica
Small-leaf Bramble - Rubus parvifolius
Prickly Starwort - Stellaria pungens
Spear-grass - Stipa scabra subst. falcata
Kangaroo Grass - Themeda australis

Ref: McDougal 1987 - Sites of Botanical Significance in the Western Region of Melbourne

Kororoit Creek Riparian Species

Acacia implexa Lightwood Tree
Acacia melanoxylon Blackwood Tree
Eucalyptus camaldulensis River Red Gum Tree
Acacia mearnsii Black Wattle Tree
Acacia pycnantha Golden Wattle Small Tree/ shrub
Acacia paradoxa Hedge Wattle Small Tree/ shrub
Acacia verticillata Prickly Moses Small Tree/ shrub
Bursaria spinosa var. spinosa Sweet Bursaria Small Tree/ shrub
Callistermon sieberi River Bottlebrush Small Tree/ shrub
Correa glabra Rock Glabra Small Tree/ shrub
Dodonsea viscosa spp. spatulata Wedge Leaf Hop Bush Small Tree/ shrub
Gynatrix pulchella Hemp Bush Small Tree/ shrub
Hymananthera dentata Tree Violet Small Tree/ shrub
Leptospermum lanigerum Woolly Tea-tree Small Tree/ shrub
Myoporum viscosum Sticky Boobialla Small Tree/ shrub
Muehlenbeckia florulenta Tangled Lignum Small Tree/ shrub
Solanum laciniatum Kangaroo Apple Small Tree/ shrub
Viminaria juncea Golden Spray Small Tree/ shrub
Acaena novae-zelandiae Bidgee-widgee Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Alisma plantago-aquatica Water Plantain Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Calystegia sepium Bindweed Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Carex appressa Tall Sedge Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Carex tereticaulis Rush Sedge Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Clematis microphylla Small-leaf Clematis Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Crassula helmsii Swamp Crassula Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Dianella longifolia Pale Flax-lily Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Einadia nutans Nodding Saltbush Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Eleocharis acuta Common Spike-sedge Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Juncus australis Austral Rush Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Juncus flavidus Rush Sedge Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Juncus pallidus Pale Rush Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Lomandra longifolia Spiny-headed Mat-rush Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Mentha australis River Mint Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Myriophyllum crisptatum Water Milfoil Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Persicaria decipiens Slender Knotweed Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Poa labillardieri Common Tussock-grass Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Schoenoplectus valldus River Club-rush Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Triglochin procera Water-ribbons Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics
Rumex bidens Mud Dock Herbs/Gram. & Aquatics


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