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Happenings along the Creek in 2022 and beyond

Happy 2022 to all FOLKC members and supporters There are many more opportunities being explored for development along the Creek but you will need to watch this space!! FOLKC has secured additional sponsorship funding from TOYOTA, Hobsons Bay Council, Melbourne Water and another of our long standing major supporters - Cedar Meats - which will allow the continuing involvement by FOLKC in ensuring the above projects are progressing! I am actively seeking further funding from others at present to ensure the viability of FOLKC during this very exciting and extremely active development phase along our fabulous Kororoit Creek - Any takers?? Most of the additional funding will be used to keep existing sites (where access is allowed) at least tidy and not completely overgrown.

Some of the nteresting things that are happening along Creek.
1. $1M+ Hosken Reserve playground & BBQ development through West Gate Tunnel Project and Hobsons Bay- Commencing Jan 2022
2. Development of Cemetery Trust eastern site - part cemetery-part parkland along creek with crushed brick path connection through Aboriginal Heritage areas - Commencing Jan 2022
3. Upgrade below Altona Memorial Park - Water harvesting, path and entries repaired - Commencing Jan 2022
4. Completion of Stage 1 Shared Trail to Geelong Road by West Gate Tunnel Project by end 2022 (Hopefully)
5. Completion of design for Federation Trail by Melbourne Water Greening the Pipeline project  in January 2022 and rebuilding of Federation Trail (In bitumen!!) in Jan 2022 by West Gate Tunnel Project with major tree plantings, artwork and other facilities to be included by end 2022?. 
6. Completion of design for Stage 4 & 5 shared trail - Barnes to Cherry Lake - Early 2022 - Cost for construction around $14M - Hope for funding State and Fed budget 2022/23
7. Long overdue Transfer of Altona North Landfill Environmental Significance Overlay (Public Park & Recreation Land) to Creek corridor completed 2022?
8. Development of the Brooklyn Urban Forest. DELWP is allocating $20,000 to investigate and prepare the site for planting trees from the 500,000 trees in the West State Government Project in 2023. Several organisations have indicated their interest in partnering with FOLKC and BRAG in this exciting project.
9. Planting along Kororoit Creek corridor by West gate Tunnel Project commencing (hopefully) during 2022/23.
10. The announcement this week by Minister Neville of the Waterways of the West Action Plan, a five year plan to ensure the health and viability of our waterway into the future. I have been working with others over the past 3 years to get this position paper in place and although it is a bit pie in the sky report, it at least is recognising the significance of waterways and ensuring that the long term viability of these major pieces of infrastructure and that their importance for the health and safety of all using these waterways is preserved into the future.

Hello FOLKC!

Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek (FOLKC) was incorporated in April 2001 and held its first planting on 3rd June 2001. Since then there have been countless planting days and other working bees with more than 1,000 volunteers of all ages, planting in excess of 50,000 trees, shrubs and under-storey plants along the creek ... [See the "About & Contacts" page for more]

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