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Western Distributor Kororoit Creek Shared Trail Development

Members of Friends of Kororoit Creek Inc. (FOLKC) and two bicycle groups, along with Deputy Mayor and Officers of Hobsons Bay were briefed by Western Distributor people on the bicycle network proposed for the West of Melbourne as part of the Westgate Tunnel Project (WTP).

Hon. Wade Noonan MP instigated the briefing and all present were very impressed and excited by the propect of having such an exciting off road bicycle development in the West.

FOLKC is especially pleased that the missing link in the Kororoit Creek Trail between Blackshaws Road, Altona North, and Geelong Road, Brooklyn, (Stage 1) is to be completed through the WTP.

In 2016, through a Toyota legacy to the North Altona North community, it was proposed that the trail between Geelong Road, Brooklyn, and Barnes Road, Altona North, (Stages 2 & 3) be developed for community use and be completed in 2017.

Due to the plans for the Western Distributor to develop the Kororoit Creek bridge with extra lanes, the building of Stage 1 had to be delayed.

Stages 2 & 3 of the shared trail within Altona North is now to be opened for public use on 30th July 2017.

The missing shared trail link proposed to be completed by the WTP within the next five years is a very important section of trail as it links the Altona North community into the west trail networks sad links the Brooklyn community into Altona North.

FOLKC has written to WTP requesting consideration be given to prioritise the building of this missing link in the early stage of the WTP as it is not an integral element of the road building project and could be built as early as 2018 for benefit of the Altona North and Brooklyn communities.

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Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek (FOLKC) was incorporated in April 2001 and held its first planting on 3rd June 2001. Since then there have been countless planting days and other working bees with more than 1,000 volunteers of all ages, planting in excess of 50,000 trees, shrubs and under-storey plants along the creek ... [See the "About & Contacts" page for more]

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